Network of Investigators


Investigators’ network was founded by experienced GPs investigators to develop professionalisation of the clinical research in family practices and to improve patient care. Our goal is to provide quality services to both Sponsors and Investigators.

We continuously work to establish and maintain a win-win working relationship with enthusiastic and ethics-minded physicians, experienced or not, who share our philosophy. Integrating the Investigators’ network helps family practitioners to be involved at the forefront of the therapeutic drug development and to benefit from an administrative support and a professional framework.

The backbone of our network is our team of Coordinating Investigators. Each of them is an experienced investigator, leader in his region and involved in the strategic development of the network. The Coordinating Investigator identifies the potential candidates investigators in his region, he makes assessments according to criteria such as number of patients, availability of rooms for monitoring and archiving, availability in time for trainings, for the studies, for monitoring and audit, technical equipment and quality of data’s in patient files.

Before starting any trial, our Investigators are trained to the GCPs but also to the modalities of clinical research, the legal aspects, the ethical issues, and the relationship between the investigator and the study subject. Our training includes practical exercises such as performing a realistic feasibility study, obtaining an informed consent, completing and correcting a Case Report Form, identifying and reporting a Serious Adverse Event …